Join us for the 51st Annual Kiwanis Auction

Saturday, June 2, 2018
The Webster House, Manchester, NH

Free admission!

The annual Kiwanis Auction supports programs and agencies that benefit children in greater Manchester. 


To donate a new item, contact Bill Kirmes. To become a sponsor, Donna Wilczek. 


For "member resourses" including a prewritten "ask" letter/email, sponosor, and donation forms click here.


Thank you to this year's Auction Sponsors




       Celestial               Quilting         Frank (Kiwanian) & Celeste Catano


    Emile & Sue                 Tetu                           Kiwanians



 Jane Bates (Kiwanian)


     Celestial Quilting                  Frank (Kiwanian) & Celeste Catano

Interium HealthCare         Rick Petersen, Kiwanian

Auction Leaders



Kiwanis Community Builders

          Brady-Sullivan            Arthur Sullivan (Kiwanian)

      Celestial Quilting        Frank (Kiwanian) & Celeste Catano

  Collier's International     Laura Nesmith & Bryan White (Kiwanians)

           Eastern Bank                         Paul Weathers (Kiwanian)

Elliot Health System    Anne-Marie Hafeman (Kiwanian)

Glenn's Appliance and                More!                                      Glenn Krull (Kiwanian)

Huntwicke Advisors        Jim Edmonson (Kiwanian)

   Michelle Lambert &          Scott Rienert              (Kiwanians)

Manchester Osteopathic Consultants    Dr. William Kirmes (Kiwanian)

Merchants Automotive   Scott Reinert (Kiwanian)

                NBT Bank                                           Marilyn Charbonneau (Kiwanian)

            St. Mary's Bank                                  Becky Tetreault (Kiwanian)

Kiwanis Good Neighbors

Glenwood Investment Group, LLC

Scott Minichiello (Kiwanian)

Merrill Lynch




Kiwanis Friends

Mike and Anne Arrison (Kiwanians)

Becky Berk (Kiwanian)

David & Flo Bernard (Kiwanians)

Cross Connection Services, LLC

Tom Kallechey (Kiwanian)

Market St. Settlement

Steve (Kiwanian) and Christine Scheiner

Taylor & Murphy Optical

Donna Wilczek (Kiwanian)





Scenes from the past Annual Kiwanis Auctions

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