Name Chairs Description
10 K Dinner Rienert, Scott
Reverse raffle held every year in October
Attendance Committee Charbonneau, Marilyn
Follows up on member attendance
Auction Committee Catano, Frank
Kirmes, Bill
Annual June fund raising event
Audit Committee Brewster, Diane
Performs audit of Club Books
Board of Directors Kallechey, Tom
Savage, Fred
Brewster, Diane
Crane, Jack
Scheiner, Steve
Charbonneau, Marilyn
Kirmes, Bill
Chretien, Michelle
Nesmith, Laura
Rienert, Scott
Collins, Jocelyn
Budget Committee Brewster, Diane
Develops proposed Foundation and Operating Budgets for coming fiscal year
Celebrate With A Child Wilson, Corri
Christmas luncheon for kids from the intercity
Community Service Committee Landwehr, Debbie
Promoting and engaging members in community service throughout greater Manchester.
Donation Review Sullivan, Shannon
Door/Greeter Brewster, Diane
Crane, Jack
Cashier and attendence for meetings
Executive Committee Kallechey, Tom
Brewster, Diane
Charbonneau, Marilyn
Nesmith, Laura
Club officers
Gumball Committee Petersen, Rick
Human & Spiritual Values Tetu, Emile
Tetu, Sue
Wakes Funerals Prayer Breakfast Meeting Prayer
Inductions Flegal, Gregg
Present new members to the Club
Insurance Committee Tetu, Emile
Interclubs Visit other Clubs primarily in our division
Key Club Advisors Wilson, Corri
Collins, Jocelyn
Kommunicator-Club Bulletin Lambert, Michelle
Club Bulletin
Major Emphasis Catano, Frank
Dionne, Rob
The exciting time has come where our club will once again embark on another "Major Emphasis" funding for a local non-profit to support their work with Manchester children; our club is committed to a total grant of $75,000 over the next 4 years to support the project the committee selects.
Membership Growth Flegal, Gregg
Active recruiters
Membership Recognition Charbonneau, Marilyn
Acknowledging members on their five year anniversaries
Mentor Program Flegal, Gregg
Assigns mentors to new members
New England District Foundation/KPTI Liason
Nominations Committee
Orientation (New Member Forum) Kallechey, Tom
Provides new members with a presentation outlining Kiwanis in general and the Club in perticular
Parking Committee Scheiner, Steve
Minichiello, Scott
Coordinates parking at Hampshire First Bank
Publicity Committee Collins, Jocelyn
Durkee, Meg
Safety Committee Tetu, Emile
Salvation Army Bell Ringing Sullivan, Shannon
Scholarship Committee Savage, Fred
All Board members and Club advisors are members of this committee
Service Leadership Program Key Clubs, Circle Ks and Builders Clubs
Set Up Committee Garrell, Pete
Kallechey, Tom
Set up and break down the room for the luncheon
Social Events Krull, Glenn
Wright, Bryan
Speakers (Program) Weekly meeting program
Special Advisor Advisor to the President
Walk With A Child Dionne, Rob
Website/Facebook Kallechey, Tom
Collins, Jocelyn
Social media

In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis of Manchester is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.